Batty in the U.S.A.


I’m delighted to learn that Batty, my Giggler title with Blake Education, has been republished by Sundance Publishing U.S. and rebranded to fit their Laugh-Out-Loud series – purple level. It seems only right Batty should be travelling again since he was so keen to travel across the world in the storyline of his first book.

Batty, a stowaway bat, arrives in a box of chocolates from Mexico to attend Oliver’s birthday party. At the party, Batty falls in love with Miss Finch, Oliver’s grumpy neighbor. When Batty turns Miss Finch into a bat, Oliver returns them both to Mexico to get married.

I can’t wait to see the printed book and check out the changes between the Aussie version and the U.S. I’m sure the main one will see Mum changed to Mom.

It’s thrilling to see my books published overseas and to know that kids across the globe are reading them. That makes 17 of my titles republished overseas and 9 of them in French. If you’d like to see which ones, and their new covers, click here to go to the International Books page.