Chris’s Books

scan0007 - CopyThe following titles have been published in Australia and New Zealand, and some have also been republished overseas – in English and even a few in French.

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A Fair Fight

Gilt Edge Publishing (2011)

"Outsmart the enemy," advises Gramps. Easy for him to say. Every day Andrew has to face the bully Pryke and his gang, and they always call the shots. But Gramps is right, there is no way Andrew can out-muscle them. So how can he change the rules to make a fair fight?

Cover by Soda Design

Cora and the Firestorm

Gilt Edge Publishing (2010)

Cora the lioness must leave her young cubs alone while she goes hunting. One day she is caught in a terrible firestorm. Will she survive, and will her cubs be safe?

Illustrated by Brandi November Lyons

The Barnyard Dance

Gilt Edge Publishing (2010)

When Drummer Dixie and his band play, all the animals come to the barnyard dance. Is it safe to let everyone in?

Illustrated by Richard Hoit


Blake Education (2010)

"Please let me come to your party. I've travelled such a long, long way." Batty peeped up at Oliver and squeezed out a tiny tear. "Pleeeeeaase?" "Oh, ok," said Oliver. "But don't you dare bite anyone. I don't want any of my friends turning into vampires."

Illustrated by Frank Kennedy

Rory and the Storm

Gilt Edge Publishing (2008)

Rory shouldn't be outside – his family have called him in, but he loves to explore the garden at night. When a storm comes up, Rory wishes he had gone in after all.

Illustrated by Samer Hatam

Good Night Baby Bear

Gilt Edge Publishing (2008)

Mama Bear says it's time to go to bed, but Baby Bear doesn't think so!

Illustrated by Rieko Woodford/Robinson

Wild Ride

Gilt Edge Publishing (2008)

How much do you risk for a date with a cute guy?

Illustrated by Loudmouth Productions

Only a Joke

Gilt Edge Publishing (2008)

Of course Sam was in. You didn’t knock back an offer to hang with Tyler Breen, not unless you were some kind of loser. And after all, it was only a joke.

Illustrated by Jeffry Lai

The Doublecross

Rigby [Pearson Education] (2008)

Sean is angry. He’s stuck in China with no mates, he doesn’t understand Chinese so he can’t watch TV and it’s cold! There are strange smells and foods. His mum thought it would be a great way for him to spend Year Six, but who was she kidding?

Illustrated by Sally Carlill

The Key Cutter’s Grandson

Thomson Learning Australia (2007)

When Lei finds a 100-yuan note, he can think of many things he would like to buy with it. But… Grandfather's eyes are always red and his glasses are old and cracked…

Illustrated by Cheryl Orsini


Thomson Learning Australia (2007)

A loud noise echoed from somewhere outside. Then Tom heard a clang as a wire gate slammed shut and a lock was bolted. Tom couldn't believe it. He was trapped!

Illustrated by Courtney Hopkins

Ghost Girl

Funtastic Books (2007)

Kate isn't like other girls. Strange things seem to happen whenever she's around. All Kate wants is to find her family. And she seems determined to create mischief and trouble for Jack until she does.

Illustrated by Jeremy Ley

Blackheart Bilko and the Cape Barren Rats

Funtastic Books (2007)

High on the seven seas, Captain Bilko leads his crew of hotchpotch pirates. There's Peg-Leg Paddy, Hal the Hook, and One-Eyed Frank. And of course, there's Regan, the cabin boy who dreams of life on land. But the wicked Bilko would never ever let Reagan off his ship. Can Reagan escape? Perhaps ... with the help of some four-legged friends.

Illustrated by Caroline Keys


Thomson Learning Australia (2006)

Nick was really brave. Anyone could tell you that. But there was one thing Nick wasn't brave about…

Illustrated by Katie McCormick

H for Horrible

Thomson Learning Australia (2004)

When Hannah arrives for the weekend, Joss discovers that her new friend isn't at all like she'd seemed in her emails. But that's not the only surprise.

Illustrated by Margaret Krajnc

The Grand Street Theatre Robbery

Thomson Learning Australia (2004)

Jed's new neighbour Larry is fun to hang out with. But when Jed and his sister Rosie hear strange sounds coming from the next door apartment, Jed thinks something very odd is going on. Could Larry be planning a robbery?

Illustrated by Warwick Bennett

Karting Kel

Blake Education (2003)

Kel likes her new home – she lives near a karting track and can practise all the time! Her only problem is Marc. Why is Marc so determined to beat her and how far will he go to win?

Illustrated by Brenda Cantell

Jono’s Rescue

Thomson Learning Australia (2003)

Jono saves some kittens from drowning in a river, but what will he do with them? His mum is allergic to cats, and no one else seems to want them. He tries hiding them at home, but Mum is starting to sneeze. Jono needs to find homes for the kittens, fast!

Illustrated by Craig Smith

Darcy Devlin & the Mystery Boy

Thomson Learning Australia (July 2003)

Darcy Devlin dreams about being a private investigator. He keeps his eyes and ears open, and his notebook handy, just in case something strange catches his eye. Darcy might not have noticed the boy huddled at the end of the alley except for two things – he wore an electric blue cap and he was acting very weird…

Illustrated by Vasja Koman

The Beast

Thomson Learning Australia (2003)

Bryn hadn't always had a problem with animals. But one animal in particular really got on his nerves – the ‘Beast'. He was mean, he was smelly, and Bryn knew they would never, ever become friends.

Illustrated by Luke Jurevicius

Dominic’s Collections

Blake Education (July 2002)

‘From now on, Dominic, no more collections. No more wrappers, spiders or tadpoles,' said Mum. ‘What if I find something that fits in with all the rules?' ‘Well… alright,' said Mum. ‘As long as it fits in with all the rules.'

Illustrated by Lew Keilar


Blake Education (2002)

Shane loves camping down by the beach. His family camps there every year but this year everything is going wrong and things are going missing.

Illustrated by Ritva Voutila

Zit Face

Nelson Thomson Learning (2002)

Zac wants to ask Sophie to the school dance. She's the hottest chick in year eight. But he's Zit Face. What girl would want to go out with a face full of zits?

Illustrated by Craig Smith

The Space Kids’ Big Race

Cambridge University Press (2002)

The Space Kids' Big Race is held every year. Max and Con have come up with a great plan to win the race and all is going well until they fly past Jupiter.

Illustrated by Nathan Jurevicius

Fiddly Fingers

Cambridge University Press (2002)

Sam likes to have his own space. His sister Gina always wants to fiddle with things. One morning Gina finds that some things should be left alone.

Illustrated by Luke Jurevicius

One Minute Muffin

Macmillan Education (2001)

Josh's class is due to have pet day and he has the fastest, bravest dog around. There is just one problem - his dog's name. Josh knows he'll be laughed out of school. If only there was some way around that name.

Illustrated by Janet Cawood

Simon’s Sea Monster

Macmillan Education (2001)

Simon is determined to catch a sea monster. Or will the sea monster have other ideas?

Illustrated by Trevor Pye

Roller-coaster Ride

Nelson Thomson Learning (2001)

Rosie likes to go fast, but when she is just about to ride the roller-coaster she wonders if she really does want a ride after all. But Dad is so excited, what else can she do?

Illustrated by Julia Crouth

Tall Tales

Nelson Thomson Learning (2000)

Philip is not very happy when he accidentally picks a girl for a penfriend. What can he write to a girl? She won't be interested in football or any of the things he likes. Besides Annalise is rich and famous and lives a really cool life. Philip decides to take his teacher's advice and write more interesting letters using his imagination. All goes well until one day Philip's teacher decides to bring the penfriends for a visit.

Illustrated by Mini Goss

MacTavish’s Creature

Nelson Thomson Publishing (2000)

Alex's new neighbour is very strange. Soon after MacTavish moves in a mysterious crate is delivered. Then a strange howling begins in the night. Alex and his friend Brendan investigate and discover MacTavish has a creature trapped in his house. The problem is no one believes them. So the boys set out to get proof. But the creature isn't the only one to get caught.

Illustrated by Craig Smith


Addison, Wesley, Longman (1999)

Princess Gorgonzola had a humongous honker! And she was tired of jokes and insults about her nose. Could Doctor Snozzarello, the famous plastic surgeon, help her? And would Dashing Derek, whom all the ladies swooned over, fall in love with her?

Illustrated by Ian Forss

That’s My Pocket Money

Nelson ITP (1998)

Michael's parents only give him his pocket money when he does his jobs properly. The problem is that no matter how hard he tries he can never get his bed straight, the dishes dry or feed the dog without making a mess. Then on Michael's birthday his uncle, an inventor, brings him a robot to help him and so Michael's problems are solved. Or so he thinks, until he realises they are only just beginning.

Illustrated by Alex Tyers